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Comments prior to moving to Discus

i am looking for a app to work out square 3-4-5 and area in meteres any ideas all apps i have found are in ft inch.

Steve Cutler



RationalCalc currently only calculates length in metric and imperial units.  I am working to add the ability to calculate area.

Maintaining the flow between metric and imperial units is important to me since I need to convert between systems often.

Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA for you at this point but it is in the works.

I will also be adding a number of traditional construction calculator features.



Thanks for the explanation. It really clears this up, and makes the calculator make sense. One improvement - Reduce the fractional part of the answer to the least common denominator, not the chosen precision. I would use this for woodworking, and while I use 1/16" precision, if the answer is 3/4", for example, I don't want to see 12/16.



@marc -- That's a good idea.  I will try to include that in the next version.



I like the clean look of it ... but can't figure out how to use it..
What's the correct way to do something like... 7ft 6 1/2" + 7ft 7 3/16"  or 7ft 6 1/2" / 2 7/8"




Thanks for your comments.

I am working on the calculator parser to accept "compound" unit expressions such as 7 ft 6 1/2 in...but currently the calculator only supports single unit expressions.  I wanted to get the calculator released so I decided to make that a future feature.

So, anyway, back to your questions -- to solve the expression 7ft 6 1/2" + 7ft 7 3/16".

Since 7 ft 6 1/2" is actually 7 ft + 6 1/2 in...you would solve it as follows:

7 ft + 6 >> 1/2 in + 7 ft + 7 >> 3/16 in =



Have you ever seen a ruller with 1 9/16 ft.?  Neither have I. You need a ft./in. format if you ever want a US Architect or Carpenter to buy your app.




I totally agree with you.  That functionality is on the road map for the next major version.  At this point RationalCalc does favor users who primarily work with the Metric system but need to factor in Imperial measurements as well.

Thanks for your constructive feedback.


Check out the new version of RationalCalc -- it now supports Foot/Inch!



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