Information about RationalCalc, the length calculator for Android.

FAQ - How to use RationalCalc


Q: "hello. i work in construction and constantly adding blueprint dimensions to get overall lengths. how do i add on this app for my droid? ex: 3ft 4 3/8in + 2ft 3 1/4in.  thank you"

A: First, use the menu to set your display unit, for instance, inches.  Then set the precision, perhaps 1/16.  That means the answer will be rounded up to the nearest 16th of an inch.  If you want to round down instead, set the rounding to down.

Then enter 3 ft + 4 >> 3 / 8 in + 2 ft + 3 >> 1/4 in = 67 10/16 in

It will display 5 ft 7 10/16 in when in ft / in mode with the precision set to 1/16 and display mode set to fractional or 5 ft 7.6 in when the display mode is decimal.

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